Emergency Contact Numbers

In the United States

EMERGENCIES: 866-762-8442

Or dial the direct emergency number below.
When calling a non-toll free number, call collect.


Colorado, New Mexico and Texas 877-390-8640 KM CO2 Company

Hazardous Liquids

California Intrastate 800-334-8047 El Paso Natural Gas
Liquid Terminals KM Liquids Terminals LLC
866-499-2746 Argo and Argo Harlem, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Cincinnati and Dayton, OH
618-779-2290 O'Hare and Wood River, IL
855-779-0071 Geismar Methanol Terminal (GMT), LA
St. Gabriel, LA
888-434-6094 South Wilmington, NC
732-603-3503 Carteret and Perth Amboy, NJ
732-522-2601 Carteret Truck Rack, NJ
713-455-1231 Galena Park and KM Export Terminal (KMET), TX
713-475-9235 BOSTCO Pasadena, TX
713-475-9235 Deer Park Rail Terminal (DPRT), Jefferson Street Truck Rack (JSTR) and Pasadena, TX
Mid-Continent 800-265-6000 Cypress Interstate Pipeline; KM Utopia LLC
Montana and North Dakota 877-977-2078 Double H
866-431-3635 Hiland Crude LLC
Hiland Partners Holdings
Oklahoma Intrastate 855-737-9555 Scissortail Energy
Pacific 714-560-4411 CalNev Pipe Line Company; SFPP, LP; West Coast Terminal Pipeline
Southeast 800-537-8832 Central Florida Pipeline Company
800-510-5678 KM Southeast Terminals; Plantation Pipe Line Company
Texas 866-784-6494 KM Wink Pipeline
800-265-6000 Camino Real Gathering Company; Double Eagle Pipeline; KM Crude and Condensate
855-737-9555 Copano NGL Services (Markham) LLC; Copano NGL Services LLC; Copano Processing LLC
800-633-0184 KM Texas Pipeline
Wyoming Double H

Natural Gas

Central and South 800-733-2490 KM Louisiana Pipeline; Midcontinent Express Pipeline; Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America
West 877-712-2288 Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company; Colorado Interstate Gas; Ruby Pipeline; Wyoming Interstate Company
800-334-8047 El Paso Natural Gas; Mojave Pipeline; Sierrita Gas Pipeline
800-944-4817 TransColorado Gas Transmission
East and South 800-252-5960 Bear Creek Storage Company; Southern Natural Gas
800-231-2800 Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Louisiana Intrastate 866-775-5784 KinderHawk Field Services
Montana and North Dakota Intrastate 866-431-3635 Hiland Partners Holdings
Oklahoma Intrastate 855-737-9555 Scissortail Energy (Copano Energy)
Texas Intrastate 855-737-9555 Camino Real Gas Gathering Company; Copano Field Services/North Texas; Copano Field Services/South Texas; Copano Field Services/Upper Gulf Coast; Copano Pipelines/South Texas; Copano Pipelines/Upper Gulf Coast
877-712-2288 KM Keystone Gas Storage
800-633-0184 KM North Texas Pipeline; KM Texas Pipeline
800-568-7512 KM Tejas Pipeline
Utah Intrastate 800-568-7512 KM Altamont

In Canada

Hazardous Liquids

800-265-6000 KM Utopia Ltd.

In Mexico

Natural Gas

01-800-500-8090 KM Gas Natural de Mexico

PEMBINA (http://www.pembina.com/) in the US and Canada

800-265-6000 Pembina Cochin LLC (formerly KM Cochin LLC), PKM Cochin ULC (formerly KM Cochin ULC) and PKM Canada (Jet Fuel) Inc. (formerly KM Canada (Jet Fuel) Inc.)