Kinder Morgan Assessment Protocol (KMAP?)

As a pipeline industry leader, Kinder Morgan knows the importance of maintaining the integrity of its assets. We work diligently to operate to the highest standards of safety, and in our ongoing effort for operational excellence have developed a unique analytical process which provides a comprehensive, more efficient analysis of pipelines than traditional Inline Inspection companies provide.

Kinder Morgan Assessment Protocol (KMAP?) is an innovative pipeline integrity solution designed to search for flaws in longitudinal welds. Created as a proactive solution to more thoroughly inspect its pipelines, Kinder Morgan has been successfully using the patented technology for seven years. Today, Kinder Morgan is providing KMAP to outside operating pipeline companies across North America in a continued effort to maximize reliability while minimizing the risk of having a release.

Kinder Morgan’s experienced and reliable analysts work collectively with our clients to analyze their pipelines with KMAP. This technology uses circumferential MFL to look for longitudinal weld anomalies such as hook cracks, lack of fusion and more. When our analysts gather the initial data, a labor intensive protocol follows where we assess and subjectively grade each identified long-seam feature to determine its potential threat to our customer’s asset.

Photo - Products Pipelines.

To date, Kinder Morgan has utilized KMAP on more than 10,000 miles of its own pipelines. As a result of the data gathered, Kinder Morgan has performed over 400 KMAP digs and remediated more than 300 injurious seam weld defects resulting in substantial cost savings to the company. We are experiencing the same positive results with our clients and are excited to provide an analysis process/concept never seen before in the pipeline industry.

Photo - Products Pipelines.

For information on how you can utilize KMAP to ensure the integrity of your assets, contact
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