Our Vision

Delivering Energy to Improve Lives and Create a Better World

Our Mission

Kinder Morgan provides energy transportation and storage services in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner for the benefit of people, communities and businesses.

Our Values

At Kinder Morgan, we expect all of our employees to act with integrity, do the right thing and treat everyone with respect every day. Our core values are: Integrity, Accountability, Safety and Excellence.

 We act with Integrity by:
  • being honest, trustworthy, ethical, respectful and professional
  • honoring commitments, helping others, taking responsibility for our actions
  • complying with our Code, Company policies and laws and regulations
 We require Accountability by:
  • promoting transparency with all of our stakeholders
  • engaging in structured reviews of our operations and performance
  • creating and rigorously tracking clear goals and detailed budgets
 We focus on Safety by:
  • integrating safety into all aspects of our operations
  • challenging ourselves to beat industry and company incident averages
  • driving risk reduction and continuous performance improvements
 We strive for Excellence by:
  • aspiring to be a best-in-class operator and employer
  • working to protect people and the environment
  • aligning our interests with the interests of our investors
  • fostering teamwork, diversity and pride in our work